To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.
– La Rochefoucauld

Initial Consultation

This 90 minute session is the foundation for all nutrition packages. We will review your nutrition habits, health and medical history, supplements or medication use, exercise habits and lifestyle factors, and I will use nutritional symptomatology to determine your imbalances. From here we will work together to formulate a plan to achieve your goals.

Follow Up Consultation

This is usually booked one week after your initial consultation. Four follow ups are recommended for best results.

Weight Loss Program

Melanie Grime’s weight loss program is a personalized lifestyle change and holistic weight loss plan that focuses on eating low calorie nutrient dense, whole foods that can be found at any grocery store.

It is for all women, men and children regardless of your current weight. It was designed to be safe and effective for all types of people. It is different from other weight loss systems as it:

• Analyzes lifestyle and current level of health
• Supports the body systems in addition to focusing on individual goals
• Uses whole foods easily found at any grocery store
• Success does not rely on supplements or diet foods
• Education based to provide clients with a solid understanding of scientifically valid nutrition habits

I will design a personalized eating plan based on your goals, age, current weight, height, current body fat percentage and daily level of activity. You will receive education weekly to target lifestyle habits one at a time and you will be supported throughout the program to integrate the changes that result in weight loss, improved body composition and enhanced health.

The program will consist of a FREE 60-90 minute consultation, one 90 minute program delivery session and 11 weekly 60 minute coaching/education sessions including a weight in and food journal checks.6, 8, 10 or 12 week programs are also available, contact me directly for more information or if you are interested in participating in an online program.

6, 8, 10, or 12 week programs are also available, contact me directly for more information or if you are interested in participating in an online program.

14 Day Eat Real Food Cleanse

My 14 Day Eat Real Food Cleanse is very gentle and is designed to nourish your body, optimize your digestion, move out toxins, squash cravings, balance your blood sugar and increase your sex drive.

It doesn’t involve expensive pills, shakes or starving yourself to the point of tears. If you suffer from the following symptoms my cleanse is perfect for you:

• Bad sugar cravings
• Overwhelming salt cravings
• Not able to sleep through the night
• Feeling tired upon waking up in the morning
• Bloating at the end of the day
• Recurring bouts of heartburn
• Low sex drive or lack of desire to have sex
• Congestion and headaches
• Sudden feelings of sleepiness after meals (like you must sleep now)

You receive a manual with full instructions, a 14 day meal plan that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks, a grocery list for the full 14 days and 30 simple, delicious and healthy recipes.
You can purchase an online copy of my cleanse by clicking here.

14 Day Eat Real Food (Family Friendly) Program           

Are you tired of asking “What’s for dinner?” With this plan, I’ve eliminated as much frustration as I could by providing you with follow along components that you can easily implement into your normal routine.

All of the foods can be easily found right in your grocery store. No more hunting around for obscure foods and no more having to think about what snacks you should be eating.

You will receive:

• 60-90 minute initial consultation
• 30-60 minute follow up consultation
• 14-Day Eat Real Food Fat Loss Meal Plan
• 14-Day Eat Real Food Fat Loss Recipes
• 14-Day Eat Real Food Fat Loss Grocery List
• 14-Day Eat Real Food Fat Loss Food List
• 14-Day Eat Real Food Follow Along EGuide

28 Day Program           

1. An initial 60 minute one-on-one nutritional intake where we will go over the program in detail, take your measurements and discuss your current health & lifestyle.
2. Stage 1 - The 14 Day Eat Real Food Cleanse. This is a gentle cleanse designed to nourish your body, optimize your digestion, move out toxins, squash cravings, lose fat and balance your blood sugar.
3. A 30 minute mid-point check-in to take measurements and discuss your progress.
4. Stage 2 - 14 Day Real Food Meal Plan (family friendly) which focuses on correct portion sizes and real whole foods to continue the good work and results you achieved during the first part of the program.
5. A 30 minute follow-up consultation to take your final measurements and discuss how simple ways you can continue your journey and remain in control of your health. You will get a meal plan for 28 days so it takes the whole excuse of not having the time to be organized out of the equation.

Gluten Free Cleanse

Many people don’t realise the effect that gluten is having on their body until they remove it from their diet. Learn why gluten can have such negative effects on your body, what products to avoid and how to be healthy gluten free! 

This package consists of an initial assessment (90 minutes), a 2 week gluten-free meal plan and a one-hour follow up consultation.

Meal Plan Package

Your personalized meal plan package begins with an initial consultation (90 minutes), and from this I will gain the information required to provide your chosen meal plan (including recipes) based on your specific needs.

Preparation for Pregnancy

This is one of the most important times in a woman’s life in relation to her health, and the health of her baby. Learn which nutrients are needed, how to reduce environmental hazards, and get your body working at its optimum ability to provide the best start to your child’s life. Digestion, stress, and allergy issues will be addressed.

This package consists of an initial assessment (90 minutes) and two one-hour follow up consultations at six weekly intervals.

Pre & Post Natal Package

Proper nutrition during and after pregnancy is essential to ensuring optimal health of the mother and baby, healthy weight gain and post-partum weight loss, and energy levels.
The pre-natal aspect of this package will teach the expectant mother what to eat and avoid during pregnancy, how to provide nutritional support for the proper development of the baby, and how to get your body working to its optimum ability.

The post-natal aspect will teach a healthy eating regime to support breastfeeding and to replenish nutrient stores. It will aid your healthy return to pre-pregnancy weight, and we will work together to set healthy and realistic goals for getting back into shape.

This package consists of an initial assessment (90 minutes), two one-hour follow ups prior to the birth, and four one-hour follow ups post birth.

Introducing Solids

New mothers often have a number of questions when it comes to feeding their baby solid foods. What should I start with? When can I introduce meat or dairy? What foods should I avoid? How do I make my own baby food?

As a nutritionist and mother, I can help you answer these questions during a one hour session.

Kids Nutrition

There is so much conflicting information these days about what you should be feeding your children. This program will help you straighten out the facts from the myths and enable you to teach your child about making smart choices at an early age to promote long lasting healthy eating.

You will be given information and helpful tips on introducing solid foods, combating picky eaters, controlling food allergies/sensitivities, managing vegetarian/vegan diets, and much more! You can either come alone or bring your child to involve them fully in the process.

This program consists of one 90 minute session.

Grocery Tour

This is a 90 minute personalized, guided tour of your local health food store or supermarket. Learn how to read and take the mystery out of nutrition labels. Discover new foods, healthy substitutions, and more! It is a fun, educational, and practical way to start bringing healing, nutritious foods into your everyday diet.

Pantry Purge

I will come to your house and spend 90 minutes purging your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. I will teach you how to eliminate the junk and replace it with the staple foods you need to cook delicious and healthy meals.

To avoid a fee, 24 hours notice is required for cancellation
of all appointments.